Anycubic i3 mega : more rigid bed for cheap !

If you have an Anycubic I3 Mega for some months, you probably know the problem : the base plate that support the heated bed tends to bend, especially on the corners. This is probably due to the spring that are too strong, but also the to base plate which is probably too thin, has too much holes and lacks a fourth rail supports on the left side.

Nevertheless, this is something that you can correct either by using a thicker base plate or to reinforce it. I recently took the option to reinforce it with a piece if wood for less than… 2 euros !

There is nothing complicated here : I used a 12 milimeters thick wood piece that I cut to the exact size of the original base plate. I then cut the angle so the springs has he same height to extend. Finally, I added two screws in each corner to make them more rigid. As a result, my base plate is now perfectly flat even with tightened screws.

I took some photos presented below.

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