Project : Openhab binding for Zibase

As an home automation passionate, I have some parts of my home which are automated (heating, lights, roller shutter,…).

I’m using a French box from Zodianet which name is Zibase since more than 2 years now. This box as a great advantage for its price : it recognizes a lot of protocols (433 Mhz, Xdd, ZWave, enOcean, visionic 868, X10).

BUT, the only way to program it is to use a Cloud based interface which is awfull and not very flexible… at least regarding solutions like OpenHab.

That’s why I created a binding for Openhab, allowing to bypass the cloud interface and use the zibase as a kind of “Rf Router” for OpenHab.

The code is actualy in the official GitHub pull requests waiting list :

The fork I created can be viewed here :

While the binding’s source code is being reviewed by openhab authors, I propose the binding for downloading here (see upper part of the right side bar).

Documentation can be found on my fork :

Any feedback would be appreciated, in particular for testing zibase 2, zibase PRO, an all sort of sensors I don’t have.

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