Projects: JSBricks, an arkanoid clone in javascript

There’s some years ago, during the war between IE4 and Netscape 4.5 (summer 2001 if I remember well), a friend and I had to learn Javascript for a job. We known nothing about this language nor its possibilities. So we decided to make an Arkanoid like game (a ball that break bricks).

After some days to discover the game logics and the javascript languages, we ended in a little game, ugly and badly programmed, but it worked 😉

Some years later, I decided to make a little better version with some new (and still ugly) graphics and little better programming. This is the version you can play here. It uses an old Javascript framework I made…

This Game is not really finished, and It is far from having the same functionalities as Arkanoid. It’ not really special for today’s browser and JS engine, but it was a little more fun in 2004 when a PIII 500Mhz needed to skip frames in order to keep the game playable… 😉

Launch the game now !

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