Projects: YAG Genesis for Amiga


YAG Genesis was made some years ago on my Amiga 4000 PPC. I used StormC 3 to compile it (the stormC project file is included in the source archive). Below is the description from the Aminet readme file.

This is another GUI dedicated to Amigenerator, or I could say Yet another ! 🙂 It was written for those who do not like “All-in-one” GUI (such as the great Nostalgia) or simply never found a GUI with theses main features:

  • Preview of the selected game (screenshot or anything else)
  • Rom informations (Rom name, copyright and version)
  • you can select your Amigenrator executable
  • All amigenerator parameters are configurables and bubble help described
  • Fully localised
  • Activate or De-activate GUI elements (preview, rom info, status)

To works, the following is needed :

  • AmigaOS 3.x
  • MUI 3.8 (not tested on earlier version)
  • Guigfx.library
  • Guigfx for mui

Preferences windows

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