Linux : cubieboard 1 & 2 headless server optimized custom kernel 3.4.103

After some crashes running OpenHab on one of my cubieboards with a freshly installed Oracle’s JRE 1.8 and several tests, I started to suspect the kernel.

It was time to test a new compiled one, more recent, based on linux-sunxi project, with no additional CCFLAGS (I suspect that enforcing hard float through neon is the culprit). Here it is ! No more crash on my side now.

These are just kernels for headless cubieboard servers  (no mali, no g2d, very few usb devices, etc…), no modules and maximun available RAM.

All my cubieboards run fine 24/7 since several days with these kernels (debian sid), DRam @ 480 Mhz (cas 6) and CPU @ 1.01Ghz. Putting higher frequency on dram and/or cpu has led to crash under stress.

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