Odrophile : update !

After several months of usage, I wanted to correct some problems and “polish” a little bit my homemade audiophile music tablet (see the build story here)…

Hardware modification

The problem was that the screen drawn too much power from USB port while the C0 was powered through battery. Without a power source connected, the screen was sometime blinking. 

The solution was to use a more powerfull external battery charger / booster: the lipo rider plus , which support 2.4A. It now powers the Odroid C0 and the display directly. 

The modifications can be seen in the photo below : the lipo rider plus is in the center. Note that I removed the leds that was used to check battery level, as they are no more used. I kept the wires, just in case I would like to add something 😉 

Software modification

This is where the “more polished things” are visible. The OS is now based on my own build of Volumio which is itselft based on my own Ubuntu tiny distribution with my own kernel build.

What has changed :

  • Boot splash logo during boot
  • Vumeter leds show boot progression
  • The embeded chromium is now GPU accelerated using GLES… and it’s a lot smoother !
  • The touch button actions are now handled by a volumio plugin I wrote : “gpiorandom”
  • Vumeter engine including Cava is started and stopped depending on volumio status, instead of being always running. For that, I use another volumio plugin I wrote : “commandOnEvent”.

The ready to boot Odrophile image can be found in my github : https://github.com/jit06/odrophile

You can also found : 

In action

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