Linux : CIFS module for linksys E4200 (candyhouse) debian kernel

As an owner of the excellent Linksys (Cisco) E4200 router, I use a Debian Linux distribution on it (more info on

Unfortunately, the given 3.13.7 kernel does not provide cifs module to mount SMB share. As I need it to for my automated monthly backup, I compiled it myself : you can find it in the download section of this post.

How to use it (well if you read this post you probably know how to…):

  • create the dirĀ /lib/modules/3.13.7/kernel/fs/cifs
  • unzip and copy cifs.ko in this directory
  • add module with insmod (insmodĀ /lib/modules/3.13.7/kernel/fs/cifs/cifs.ko

Beware, to use it you need to install cifs-utils (eg: apt-get install cifs-utils)

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