Odroid C1 fbdev Retroarch OS

Back in 2015, I did the GameOdroid C0, a portable gaming device based on Odroid C0.

It was running X under debian, and to be honest I was not entirely satisfied of the software parts :

  • bad vsync
  • some garbage things on the bottom of the screen
  • crash of emulationstation when exiting a game (I had a script to force kill and restart each time)
  • slow n64 emulation
  • slow dreamcast emulation with anoying noise

So I recently built a new system : retroarch_fbdev_c1 (https://github.com/jit06/retroarch_fbdev_c1).
It’s an Odroid C1/C0 optimized retroarch build scripts, based on RetroPie and hardkernel’s Ubuntu minimal image.
It uses fbdev and allows to play confortably a lots of retro consoles including n64 and dreamcast.
It provides a way to scrap roms with skyscraper and convert de result into retroarch compatible playlists and thumbnails It has been designed for lowres display (cbvs or 480p).

Among other things, it boots in 14 seconds from cold start to retroarch and display a splash screen during boot.

The latest binary release can be downloaded on the github repo: https://github.com/jit06/retroarch_fbdev_c1/releases

I’ve sent patches and suggestions to Retropie project, so they may enhance Odroid C1/C1+/C0 support for lr-flycast, amiberry as well as the main build script:
https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/251 … 4893984159

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