Project : update of OpenHab binding for Zibase

Following my original project of the Zibase Binding, I updated it for the recent 1.9 branch.

The pull request has been sent to OpenHab team. While this update is being reviewed, you can find the binary binding below.

Compared to the first published version, the changes are :

Bug corrections:

  • handle case where the Ziibase does not respond (j-zapi return null)
  • handle case where jzapi return null for receiver value (was craching the whole thread)

Updates / additions:

  • added support for Chacon emitter (id like H8, I12, etc.)
  • added debug log entry when item ID is null
  • changed jzapi 0.0.5 by 0.0.6

Download : org.openhab.binding.zibase-1.9.0-SNAPSHOT


  • Hello, is this still useable? I’d like to use my Zibase instead of getting a Z-wave module for my openhab install… but since the addon was not updated recently, I’d like to know if it still works with openhab2? And where I can find the instructions to install it?


    • Hello, I still used it until few weeks ago (but with openhab 1.8). To be honest, I just build a Rflink based solution with MQTT (article to come in a few days) and it works muh better than the Zibase,so I probably won’t do any update. Moreover, I never been able to test Zwave as I don’t have such device at home.

      However, it works like any other OpenHab Binding, the documentation is in the official wiki :

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